I recently watched a documentary in which a woman highlighted the book Nourishing Traditions. She began to point out that a world-renowned dentist studied the teeth of individuals in remote villages across the world. In his findings, he found that these villages had a similar common thread.

They consumed raw milk.



What is raw milk?

It is just as the name indicates, milk straight from the cow itself.
Color me crazy but growing up I thought I was ingesting milk straight from a cow.
I was wrong.

The process of homogenizing and pasteurization is a lengthy process of heating milk and at times adding substances to prolong the life of the milk. Milk straight from the cow is an old form of art these days. The benefits of this dentist’s findings, as well as my own personal accounts, are astounding.

The dentists, Dr. Weston A. Price, research and findings of his remote patient’s dental patterns were all closely related across the board. One can find a great deal about proper nutrition through teeth, and Price found that the structure of the gums, alignment of teeth, and lack of cavities all to be off the charts remarkable. One common dietary staple found in his patience diets was raw milk, (as well as many other similar dietary standards).

Raw Milk | Healthy Milk

Our family has been drinking raw milk for about five years. When we got pregnant with our third- and fourth-born babies we knew we wanted home natural births. After each delivery, our midwife would comment on the thickness and vibrant color of the babies cords. Her first question was, “do you all drink raw milk“. Amazing how God’s creatures can help us!

When we welcomed our forth-born, the placement of his cord on the placenta was not in the middle which means it could have detached more easily at any given point during gestation/labor. Again the comment came, “I’m glad you all chose raw milk, the strength of this cord was a blessing“. Indeed it was!Raw Milk | Healthy Milk

I understand the current eating trends right now are against milk consumption across the board. I, however, would have to disagree with cutting out milk products entirely. Raw milk products including kefir, cheese, yogurt, and butter can aid in a healthy gut across the board! I’m not an MD by any stretch, however personal experiences from our family in many different levels all point to healthy stomachs with the aid of raw milk products.

Happy sipping!

Raw Milk | Healthy Milk

On finding a raw milk source near you check out https://www.realmilk.com/real-milk-finder/
Or ask around at local farmers markets to local farmers in the area who may have cows or know of someone who does

For more information on Dr. Price’s work: https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/nutrition-greats/weston-a-price-dds/

The Health Benefits of Raw Milk

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