Home schooling when you have more than 1 kid.Finding a learning space for homeschooling seemed a bit daunting when beginning schooling. However, it seemed we naturally gravitated towards the dining room table in our cozy home. There, we have found the heart of our home and also how to properly store our curriculum and paper items to keep learning effective and fun. Here’s what has worked for us:

The command center is our go to for a functioning homeschooling brain.

Command Center

The command center is our go to for a functioning homeschooling brain. It houses all of the our paper materials, extra crayons, dictionaries, flash cards and any materials we may need for our daily grind. The command center has been so helpful for our family because we vary from grades 3, Pre-K, and learning play with our 2 year old. Having a place in your home where you can organize your operation of homeschooling will better equip you as a Mom and teacher. Organization, and consisting purging/restocking is key to making your command center the heartbeat for success. Ikea sells these inexpensive boxes for organization which has worked well for us, http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00324132/

Rolling Rack

Our rolling rack and our command center meet each week on Sunday. After sitting down with my curriculum and assigning what we need to do for that week to stay up to speed with our progress, it’s time to delegate our tasks. This is my time as a teacher to use each drawer to prepare for the next week per subject. With having four babes under 8, we work in about 15-20 minute incriments before the next snack, potty run, or band aid need. These drawers make teaching a breeze to transition from one subject to another in between learning and still doing life.

Busy Boxes

With teaching fractions and the alphabet all in the same breathe with our different age groups, our busy boxes are a quick fix in a tight pinch. An example of our busy box includes magnets, playdough, pipe cleaners, and a leap pad with headphones are just a few items we enjoy playing with! Personalizing your busy box to gender, age, and personality is key to keeping their attention on play time so you can gain a few minutes to teach.


With homeschooling, depending on the laws of your particular state, keeping a certain amount of your work is not only sentlement but wise. This is why we purchased each tiny Thornbrough a crate that will be sectioned off by grade for them to keep throughout their lives. To keep record of where you’ve come can be great momentum for your student and it can also be a storage dream for all of those loose papers throughout the year.

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Homeschooling Three Under the Age of Eight
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