Aquaponics on the Homestead
Our Barrel-Ponics system is still producing garden fresh veggies late into fall.

Do you want to save money for your grocery budget? Are you tired of buying overpriced food, even if it is organic? There is a way to cut your grocery bill in half by next year. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the country with rolling acreage or in the city with a rinky dink backyard, you have the ability to change the way you spend your grocery bill, Gardening. That’s it friends your options are endless, container gardening, aquaponics, square foot, raised beds, green house-the list goes on for options of how to grow your own food. You’ll have to put a bit of work into whatever method you choose but just think, you’ll actually identify with the term “fruits of your labor”!

Spring of 2016 we chose our aquaponics system for the food we would grow. We definitely underestimated its ability in how many tomatoes it would help produce. We grew two types of tomatoes this past year: cherry tomatoes and beefsteaks. Within a matter of weeks, the tiny sproutlings took off into a towering production of yummy fruit!

There is s a popular saying that; there’s no better feeling than picking the produce from your own backyard. The pride one feels as you cultivate the tiniest seed and see it through its life cycle to its fullness and being able to create a meal or a snack from that process. It is quite rewarding and a great teaching tool on many levels for the young children in your family.

img_2540With our increase this year, we decided to make spaghetti sauce yet again. When planning what to do with your fruits and vegetables, what’s helpful to remember is substitution. What do you buy most of at the store? For our family, it happened to be spaghetti sauce. However, for you it may be salsa, ketchup, or tomato paste. These two plants will help our family replace spending $64 a month on spaghetti sauce for the next 6 months. The price of the two plants combined totaled to a little over $4.00! For a grand total savings of $380 for half of the year. This is just one area we saved in this past year. Our substitution garden also took place of buying squash, lettuce, cucumbers, pickles, mint, okra, as well as fish (due to the aquaponics).

This process is intended to save you money.

The food you grow could be your medicine. 

Be sure to make a plan of course this next year, so that saving you and your family money is attainable. If you’ll be gardening in the spring, then the winter is your prep time. Buy the seeds, find your containers, build your aquaponics, till your soil, or start planning where you’ll put those raised beds. You can do this! Plan now so you can eat later, all while saving a lot of money!

Some of our favorite resources:

Barrel ponics option shipped to your door :

or there is also a barrel ponics manual under this website for the DIY-er with a step by step set up for your aquaponics dream.

For your seed needs :


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How gardening saves my family over $400 a year 
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2 thoughts on “How gardening saves my family over $400 a year 

  • March 7, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Hey Amber, I planted my seeds in peat pots and plastic containers and put inside a rubbermaid container, yesterday on a cold rainy day. I brought it inside and put the lid on. This morning I peeked and there’s fuzzy mold on top of my dirt. Should I move this outside? It’s sitting in front of my sunniest window.

    • March 9, 2017 at 7:05 am

      Hi Tricia, thank you for taking time to check out our website.

      First off I am not a master gardener so doing some of your own research would be a good idea.

      That mold should not be a problem, it just looks unsightly. But what it is saying that your plants need some more air. When you can keep that lid off of them, I have read that some people use a small fan on its lowest setting to keep the air circulating around the plants.

      One article I read suggested putting a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in your water before watering the plants. We have not tried that so I don’t really want to endorse that method.

      So in closing fresh air, or any air should help out. You could even try poking a few holes in the lid of your plastic containers.

      Let us know how your starters turn out, we are so excited that you are planting a garden!

      Honest Family Living


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