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What does it mean to “Search the Ancient Paths”?

Approximately in 2012 our two families began to realize a desire to move out of the cities we were living in.  At first we all thought it was about prepping, and being ready for any major world collapse to come our way. But we soon realized it was more, much more than being prepared for emergencies. It was about living a lifestyle that put us back in touch with the land, with our shared history, and with our creator.

The patriarchs of our families, Corey and Whitney can both trace their lineage through the “bootheel” of southeastern Missouri. But more than just the location, the way of life, farming, ranching. Raising your food from the land you owned, training up your children, helping your neighbors along the way.

A desire developed to return to a way of life that was simpler, a way of life where we would know where our food came from. A way of life where we knew where and how our children were being educated. A way of life where we were more dependent on prayer and hard work. (That is not to diminish city living, this was just a calling to us.)

As we have moved each family to our own peace of acreage in Oklahoma we quickly learned how little we knew. And that has been the adventure, learning just how generations that came before us made the most of the land they owned. Learning how in modern times to grow crops, raise animals, teach our children and take care of one another and our neighbors.

Over the coming months and years we are going to share with you the lessons learned, the successes and mistakes we make along the way.

But wait, a website does not seem very “ancient” we agree, that’s why it’s “ancient paths in modern times” This website allows us to share with the world our journey, and hopefully we can encourage you, to pursue your ancient paths as well. Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes and our triumphs along the way. Also this website is a source of revenue for our families, when you click a link to a product, or see an advertisement on our site we are generating some income.

We promise to never promote a product we don’t use, or wouldn’t suggest to our friends.


Searching the ancient paths in modern times.
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