Fish Tank Equipment List

We built are fish tank with a 275 gallon IBC Tote with metal cage.
We cut the top off the plastic tote, but kept the metal frame in tact.

The insulation around the tote, is great for keeping some of the heat in, but by itself won’t keep the fish warm.
PolyPro Insulated Foam Board : You can find this or similar products at most big box hardware stores.

You will need a small pump to push the water from the bottom of the tank into the filtration buckets.
This is a link to a pump that is similar to the one we used on our system.
Hydrofarm AAPW250 Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 250 GPH

Triton Premium Aquaculture Feed – Again, this is what we use, but there are many options.

Filtration System

3 – 5 Gallon buckets : These are pretty common
12 Guage wire : Use the wire to create a grid for the top two buckets to rest on. (Image 1)
Bio Balls : These go into the bottom bucket and can be cleaned and reused.
Filters : Middle bucket filtration, we have used both Fish Filters and just normal air filters, we don’t see much difference.
Active Carbon : Top bucket, Active carbon is good for removing odor, colors, organic pollutants , Removes toxic compounds, medications

Heating System

RANCO ETC-111000-000 Electric Temperature Control : This is what we used, but there are other types available.
Hot Water Heating Element
PVC Pipe : We used the PVC Pipe to house the heating element.

We have listed some links to Amazon, these are affiliate links, if you purchase Honest Family Living will make a percentage of the sale price, this does not affect your purchase price.

  • Honest Family Living | Fish Tank
    Honest Family Living | Fish Tank
    We raise tilapia on the homestead as a part of our aquaponics system, but in the winter we needed a place to keep our fish that would keep them warm and give them room to grow.
  • Water Pump
    Water Pump
    This is a unit similar to what we use in our Aquaponics and our Homemade Fish tank.
  • The Filtration System
    The Filtration System
    We drilled several holes around the top of the bucket and ran our wire through to create a grid base for the other buckets to rest on.
  • Heat Control System
    Heat Control System
    RANCO ETC-111000-000 Electric Temperature Control



Raising Fish on the Honest Family Homestead

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