It wasn’t until my three wonderful beauties actually got old enough that I realized I had made a mistake. It came with watching and interacting with them while playing, and it normally involved a toy. A toy in which I allowed to enter into our home through a birthday party or some other day that allowed for gifts. With having four children, those day are frequent in our home. For instance, our second child was given a doll for her birthday, now that doll has taken on the title of “Henly’s doll”.

It wasn’t until a fight arose one day when my sweet third born toddled over to the toy baby crib and picked up the birthday doll. It wasn’t but a mere two seconds until it happened. You guessed it. “THAT’S MINE!” Yep. There it is. The nails on the chalk board shrill that every parent has heard. Mine. No amount of essential oil can truly take away the anxiety that surrounds that word.

At that moment I knew that I had to say something to water this fiery furnace of a 3 year old. So I made a quick decision for our family that has stuck, and boy am I grateful for it. “The baby is ours, because we are a family.” Did you catch it? OURS. From there on out fellow reader, we made the rule that you can have one lovie (special toy that you can truly call yours) and the rest of the toys are ours in which you take turns. For holidays or birthdays, we try to encourage board games, books, or something outdoors that we all can play with.

Here are a few of our favorite toys / activities that have proven to be a true “our” success.

Bedtime Bible Story Book

Bedtime Bible Story Book:
365 Read-aloud Stories
from the Bible

Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition
The Authentic, Hilarious, Mouth Guard Party Game
12 Foot Play Parachute
12 Foot Play Parachute with 16 Handles
Multicolored Parachute for Kids

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot

Peaceable Kingdom Hoot Owl Hoot!
Cooperative Board Game

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Tiger-tastic 3 Pack

JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Set
JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Set
Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake, 4-Piece

More important, getting out with your kids for a nature hike, bug catching, or scavenger hunt will time and time again prove to benefit your family than any toy ever could. Its helpful to remember that we are raising the next generation that will one day have to share everything that is theirs whether its at a job, with a roommate, or within a marriage. Cheers to ending sibling spats, and introducing our kids into the world of “ours”.

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