lavender fields- one or our favorite essential oils is lavender

The oils band wagon 

You can’t go anywhere these days without someone talking about, trying to sell, or using essential oils.

I first became “aware” of these oils in 2012. I was at a conference and there were these various size brown bottles of “oils” at the market table. I engaged in a conversation about the legend of Thieves oil read story here and of its origin. I was skeptical, but intrigued. I trusted the woman telling me the story, so I purchased a few bottles and on my way I went.

Thieves Oil

A few months later a few friends had jumped on the bandwagon with the oils. I researched the internet and read all I could find about these magical oils. What I came to find out is that they are not new at all. Sure, the process has progressed and now distillation is done in ways our ancestors could not have fathomed centuries ago. But people have been using herbs, flowers, saps, shrubs, honey, trees and plants for thousands of years. Our ancestors used natural “medicine” for everything. It’s all they had! There were no CVS, or Walgreens. It seems people knew how to access the natural world around them to address any issues they encountered.

Where to start? 

In the midst of choices, why is there so much confusion? When I began to explore this phenomenon, there were just a few companies; Young Living, Doterra, and 2 or 3 more that were pretty mainstream.  When you don’t really know anything about companies, or even about the oils themselves, it is overwhelming! PLUS – they are not cheap! It IS an investment! I chose to go with Young Living for 3 reasons. 1) My friend used them and 2) I liked what I found on the internet about their company and how their oils are grown from plants, trees, etc, that are indigenous to their specific region 3) they have a non GMO seed to seal guarantee. That was really important to me.

I began slowly and purchased the most common oils; lemon, lavender, peppermint, frankincense to name a few. I bought the 5ml bottles and I was so excited to get them! I thought they were going to be fragrant, in a “perfumey” sense. When I got them and took them out of their package, I was a little disappointed by their scent. (this IS HONEST family living, right?) Other than the peppermint, I was turned off by all of them, I thought that this was the end of the road for me. But I really believed there was something to them. I made a promise to myself that I was going to research HOW to use them and slowly and consistently incorporate them into my life to replace synthetic, perscription medicine or OTC. Obviously I would urge anyone using medicine prescribed by a doctor to use wisdom when changing or stopping your medicine. Do so with wisdom and sound council, some medicines are dangerous if you suddenly quit taking them and that is not what I am advocating. Begin slow, and become hungry for knowledge. Amazon has books, and Youtube has a plethora of videos done by both professionals, and everyday people.

I began small; have a small cut or a burn? Apply lavender! Guess what, IT WORKED, the first time I applied it to a burn from the oven, it took the sting out of my hand almost immediately. Within an hour, there was no red mark or bubble.

I used them all for things that probably was not necessary and it is hard to remember if anything really jumped out UNTIL……

Allergy season rolled around.


The most remarkable results happened during cold and flu and ALLERGY season! 

My husband had the worst allergies! He was absolutely miserable from March to May. Itchy, watery eyes, constant sneezing, waking up with stuffed nose, sore throat from drainage. Can anyone else relate?! I kept coming  up with the wonder trio of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint mixed with local honey (always go with local, raw honey) my husband endured the smell of me diffusing oils, or wearing them. But now I was asking him, who was miserable, to digest this concoction of nastiness (honest family….keeping it real) every morning and in the evening for two weeks. I think he was just so desperate to feel better, he gave in to my “hippy oils” and  after two weeks, he had not one allergy symptom. That was the moment I was convinced. I became the oil shaman at work, if anyone sneezed within a 20 ft radius, I busted out with my oils and honey and disposable spoon and dosed them up. Soon, my co-workers came to believe in the power of oils and local honey. Not one time did anyone get sick or have a bad reaction, it legitimately worked wonders.
Young Living Essential Oils - Allergy Relief


There were also times that oils did not work 

This is what many people won’t admit to. Sometimes you need a tylenol, an antibiotic or a cough syrup. I am still finding my way to natural health and still researching for alternate medicine; dandelion tea, molilin, raw honey etc and I am learning all I can about natural remedies. This is going to be a lifelong learning process. There are times I don’t want to mess with peppermint, I want a Tylenol. Most times however, if I feel something coming on, I will reach for the oils and try them first.

But I will tell you this, I am not on any prescription medicine and my husband’s allergies no longer hold him hostage in the springtime. My family has not had a flu shot or the flu in 5+ years. (I did have a horrible case of pneumonia in 2015) Is this ALL oil related? No, but I know they helped and and in many cases, prevented a worse fate.

Below is a list for things I have found that oils are/have been highly affective in, and are now my “go to” source for these things. All Young Living unless otherwise stated.

  • allergies – Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint
  • burns – Lavender
  • heartburn or nausea – Digize
  • hand sanitizer and/or germ killer – Thieves
  • hormonal balance – Dragon Time, and Clary Sage
  • focus and clarity – Brain Power, Clarity, Rosemary
  • air cleanser / purifier, Tea Tree (melaleuca) Lemon, Purification
  • muscle and joint pain – Deep Relief **Doterra has a product called Deep Blue in the cream form,  and it is (in my opinion) just as good, if not better than Young Livings Deep relief. It is instant muscle relief. I love it.
  • Antibiotics – Oregano **along with raw garlic pieces** both have literally halted a bad case of, what I believed was, strep throat coming on. It took 2 days of regular digestion every 4 hours, but it worked!
  • Bug repellent – Peppermint (spiders, ants)
  • Car sickness or nausea – Peppermint *has literally worked every single time with car sickness

This was my first baby step in getting out of the system, or challenging it. It was one small thing I could do to becoming holistic. I have a ways to go in this path of change, and I’m learning new things everyday. Essential oils might be a game changer for you and your family. This was my experience with them and I really do love them. If you have questions or comments, please post them below. Share your own personal story with them. My biggest piece of advice would be to make sure they are properly distilled and your not just buying scented water. Do some research, ask friends, and check out books from your library. The answers are out there, you just have to seek them out.

In the middle of it streets and on either side of the river was the tree of life which for 12 fruits each tree yielding it’s fruit every month. The leaves of the tree or for the healing of the nations. Rev 22:2





What’s the deal with essential oils?
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